Virtual Business Card

Everyone needs This Interactive Virtual Business Card

Virtual Business Card & Portfolio

Analaytics To Track Your Visits/Clicks

Customize Every Aspect Of Your Card

Why You Need A Virtual Business Card?

  1. Networking Events, Conference, Social Gathering.

  2. You will never “Forget” Your business card

  3. Save On Printing Costs.

  4. Add “Call To Action”   ( Appointments, Sales, Contact).

  5. Click To Call / Email / SMS / Skype etc.

  6. Social Media Clickable Links.

  7. This can serve as your Portfolio.

  8. Let people  “SAVE” Your contact info with 1 click from their phone.

  9. Easily Shareable with Anyone.

  10. Be the  “Cool” Guy/Gal  at the party.

Why Rob Loves His Virtual Business Card

What Our Clients Say

I am amazed that this idea has not been available to me before today. How frustrating it is to be asked for my business card only to realize I didn’t have any with me. I always have my phone with me so now, all I have to do is send my virtual card to the other person by text message, email or PR Code and it’s done.

Marie Harwood

Paper Business Card

Virtual Business Card

No Call To Action

Many Calls To Action

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One Business card

$ 19
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  • 1 Business Card

unlimited business cards

$ 29
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  • Unlimited Cards

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