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Retargeting has been around for quite some time now. All the Big Boys and Girls have been using Facebook and Google Retargeting to put online “front and center” the offers that cater directly to what you are interested in.

However, what you may NOT know as yet is that there is a way for your business to stop wasting advertising dollars just to get accidental or non-interested visitors to click on your Facebook or Google adverts. We are in a position to dramatically reduce your costs per click.

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You probably know that Google and YouTube are very good friends. They are actually ONE family. What you may not know, however is that there is a way to rank your website on Page 1 of Google.

Hint: The little known secret to ranking, aside from having the right tools to do the research, resides in, WAIT FOR IT…. YouTube Thumbnails optimization. Ask us about it. We’ll be glad to share and then
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First, we had to Learn, then we tested our knowledge and now, we simply have to take the “L” out of the word LEARN which leaves us with an opportunity to

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

Customized Social Media Strategy

1. Interact with customers (Ask questions, gather opinions, use surveys)
2. Use Messenger to Create a personalized experience for your customers.
3. Create an efficient content marketing strategy.
4. Social media is about being social
5. Make your profiles attractive
6. Leverage your current customers
7. Create profiles on the relevant channels.
8. Establish a social media budget.
9. Run cross-channel campaigns.
10. Tell a story by going live.

It should be understood that each item listed below represents time invested in conception, design and creation. The trap of any entrepreneur and or business owner is getting lost in trying to do it all themselves. This is undoubtedly the most expensive solution considering that all this time could have been spent building their business.

  1. Website
    Domain name | Email Addresses | Blog | Site design | Site design | Site creation | Site hosting | Site maintenance | Logo | Banner | Choice of Pages | Menus | Funnel | Capturing prospects | Converting prospects into customers | Auto Tracking Responder | Popup | Payment capture system | SEO | etc …
  2. Social Networks
    Facebook | YouTube | LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest | Fan Page
  3. Media
    Vidéos | Intros | Outros | Promos | Creation, editing and translations of promotional videos | YouTube Thumbnails with Search Engine Optimization |
  4. Promotions
    Facebook | YouTube | Google | Courriel | Video Banners| etc…

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We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

For our clients who are interested, we’ll throw in an additional perk or bonus for doing business with us. We will gladly train you on the tools we use to serve you. It’s never been easier to create Live Conferencing with you, our customer and use a bit of show and train, actually it’s show and tell.

Lord knows how much it would have been worth it for us to have this kind of valuable coaching when we were newbies in this IM World. Nothing comes close to Live Support when our clients also want to learn how things are done. Ask us and we will oblige!

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