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The 5-Minute

Guide To Unlocking

Your True Potential


by Pierre Newell

Have you ever felt like you could be more? Like you could be better?

Many of us look to other people in our lives and in the media and feel that they somehow are ‘doing better’ at life than we are.

Maybe they always look impeccable. Maybe they’re incredibly wealthy. Maybe they have an attractive wife. Most likely they will command a room and tell amazing stories with incredible charisma and charm.

Meanwhile, we struggle to get out of bed in the morning and to shave before we leave for work!

How can you change?

Well dear reader, I’m here to tell you that the first step is probably not what you think it is. The chances are that until now, you may have been barking up the wrong tree!

Why? Because you probably don’t know exactly what it means to be the best version of you. What does it mean to unlock your true potential? How do you become successful?

Many of us will focus almost entirely on the superficial stuff. That means we’ll worry about how we look and how much money we’re making.

But that’s really not what being successful is all about. That’s not what unlocking your potential is all about.

Because not everyone even cares about being rich, or about having a big house or a flash car. If your main interest in life is art, then your idea of success might be very different from the conventional ‘American dream’.

And moreover, many people are very unsuccessful in those conventional senses while still somehow coming across as though they’re very successful and very accomplished.

So, what is it about this ideal ‘perfect person’? How can you learn from them and replicate their success?

This free report is going to look at what it means to be the ideal man – the alpha male and the ubermensch. The ‘homo universalis’. It will apply mostly to men, but there will be things to learn here for women too. So, read on!

What Does it Mean to be the Perfect Man?

When many of us think of the perfect man, what we are really thinking of is the alpha male. This is the person who can walk into a room and command attention with their charisma, their charm and their confidence. This is the person that other men look up to and it is the person that women want to be with.

They tend to look great and they have a real sense of purpose and appeal – even though it might not be easy to put your finger on exactly what it is about them that gives them that magnetism.

Now, there is a movement that is getting somewhat close to identifying precisely what this is. That movement is the pick-up artist movement. These are people who have attempted to ‘hack’ how they can send off the right signals to make themselves more appealing and confident. They have done this successfully for the most part but they are also missing some crucial elements…

So how are they doing this? Essentially, they are communicating to women and other men that they are superior in an evolutionary sense: that they are good genetic stock.

Ultimately, this is what our psychology boils down to. Remember, we evolved in the wild by developing traits that helped us to survive. These traits include psychological traits that make us more appealing to the opposite sex and help us to make the right choices when looking for potential mates of our own.

Women have evolved to look for men that will be able to provide for them and their offspring and that will provide good genetic material.

How do women look for this? Largely it means looking for signs of physical strength, attractiveness (which correlates with genetic health, as well as access to resources) and intelligence. It also means looking for signs of status and wealth.

You might look at yourself and think that you have none of these things. Fortunately, a pick-up artist can tell you how to ‘fake it’ and the answer is that you need to act as though you are number one.

How do you do this? According to those pick-up artists the answer is to walk up to women in bars and act incredibly cocky and assertive. You will even put them down in a playful way and tease them. And you’ll dress in a way that is loud and even quite strange.

What does all this do? It sends a powerful signal that you must be superior to them in terms of status and genetic material. The simple notion here is that if you are confident enough to wear strange clothes, then there must be something about you that makes you that confident.

Likewise, if you are willing to playfully tease a woman you’re attracted to, it suggests that you aren’t intimidated by them. And if they are a little hurt by your put-down, then they might also view themselves as being slightly less high up the food chain.

In many cases this works. And while it might seem cruel and cynical, the reality is that it is actually more honest. How often do you hear a guy complain that they are ‘the nice guy’ who always ends up as friends? Or who is always put down?

The problem is that the guy is not really the nice guy. The guy wants the exact same thing but they are simply going about it in a way that is slightly more clingy and slightly more creapish. They are flattering and doting and needy and this is just as cynical while also being rather unappealing to women. Women do not want a guy who mopes or who is too shy and too needy to stand up to them!

And this is the same thing that applies in other settings like your career and your non-romantic relationships. You want your friends to turn to you as the alpha male of the pack? As the leader? Then you can’t be clingy and needy. You can’t send the signals that you’re desperate for their attention.

This is exactly what a lot of guys do though. Too many people want to be seen as ‘cool’ so they will change something about themselves and act in a certain way such that they will be impressive to their friends. They try to fit in or to brag.

Not only does this communicate a complete lack of social awareness but it also sends that signal again that you are beta. You are trying to please them, thus you are beta.

And if you’re always just trying to please other people, if you’re always trying to fit in and be liked and fit a mold, then you’re not going to unlock your full potential. You’ll end up acting in ways you don’t want to, pursuing things you don’t care about and coming across a weak as a result.

Apart from anything else, going after the things that you are interested in. Being the person that you want to be – that is what creates emotional congruence. People can see that you really care about what you’re saying. That you really believe in what you’re doing. This will even come across in your gesticulations and in the way you present yourself.

Being the ‘Nice but Confident Guy’

The problem is that the pickup artists haven’t entirely cracked the code to becoming alpha. The biggest problem they have is that they are… being assholes. A lot of women do not respond well to put downs and they can often see through the whole ‘peacocking’ approach. And when you see through this, it becomes wholly unattractive and clearly just as cynical and seedy as being the ‘clingy nice guy’.

What you need to do then is to become the best of both worlds. How? You drop the agenda. You do what your Mum always told you and you just be yourself but you do it in a way that is confident.

When women go for ‘bad guys’ they aren’t really going for bad guys. They just want a confident guy and often those guys are unfortunately bad as well.

So, what you would do instead is to walk into a bar and just smile at people. That says ‘I’m friendly and I’m interested in you’. If they smile back, go over and say hello. Chat to them but also chat with their friends – this will also demonstrate that you’re social and that you can get on well with the people they spend time with. That’s highly attractive.

Likewise, speaking to a woman’s friends and not just her will make you appear less like your only objective is to get into her pants. And as an added bonus, it will bring out her natural competitiveness as she’ll want to prove she is the most appealing.

This works well because when you have truly bulletproof confidence there is no reason not to be nice. You have nothing to prove, nothing to hide – you can just be yourself.

The same goes for every other aspect of your life. When you stop trying to impress others and focus on yourself, you become unstoppable and you become incredibly inspiring.

The biggest and most important part of this is to find your true passion and your calling. Instead of living the life that is expected of you, look deeper and find what it is that you really care about, what really gets you animated. When you manage this, you will give off immense confidence because you will know what matters to you and you’ll be less concerned with trying to impress others.

If you know that your life’s calling is to become a great swimmer and you are a great swimmer, then your confidence becomes unshakable. It doesn’t matter if someone calls you short and you have no reason to worry when speaking up in a group. You know what’s important to you, you know what matters in life!

And when you talk about the thing that you are passionate about, you’ll find that you come alive. Did you know that people rate others as more charismatic when they gesticulate more? And did you know that we tend to gesticulate the most when we are truly passionate about what we’re saying? That’s because this creates congruence. Now we believe truly in what we’re saying our body will back that up. When you’re pretending to be someone you’re not or talking about something you don’t really care about, you communicate that unconsciously with your own body.

Developing Yourself

So, to unlock your true potential, all you really need to do is to start looking inward. You need to stop looking to others for approval and instead to focus on the things that matter to you and on who you really are, what you really want and how you can become the best version of yourself.

The first thing this involves is to find that true purpose. You’ll find how to do this in the full eBook: The Empowered Life along with MUCH more.

At the same time, you also need to practice not being concerned with what others think. This is something that won’t come easily overnight – it requires practice and patience. One of the best ways to get to that point though is to simply practice being yourself and to subject yourself to situations where you need to do things that make you uncomfortable.

One of the best ways to do that of all? Take a stand-up comedy class! When you do this, you will be forced to get outside your comfort zone in front of a large audience and to put yourself out on a limb. This takes a huge amount of confidence and you should find that you quickly build resilience as a result. You stop worrying about what others think!

Likewise, striking up conversations with strangers and just focusing on what you think rather than trying to please everyone is what will really help you to grow and to lose your inhibitions and your lack of esteem.

When you do this, you will be one step closer to unlocking your true potential. And then everything will change…


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